In the MV, ICHILLIN’ throw a lavish party for themselves and have fun together. “On My Lips” is the title song of their third mini album ‘Feelin’ Hot‘, and it’s about love that feels spicy like hot sauce.



ICHILLIN’ (아이칠린) is a seven-member girl group under KM Entertainment. They debuted on September 8, 2021 with the digital single “Got’ya”.
Their name is a combination of the words “Aisling” and “Chillin'”.

2021: Debut with “Got’ya” and “Fresh”

On July 30, 2021, it was revealed that KM Entertainment will be debuting a seven-member girl group. The members were then introduced through a profile film, along with their profile photos. On August 2, E.Ji, Chowon, and Jackie were the first three members to be introduced. The next day, Chaerin and Sohee were the fourth and fifth members to be introduced, respectively. On August 4, Joonie and Yeju were the final two members to be introduced.

On August 17, KM Entertainment announced they would have to postpone ICHILLIN’s debut showcase, which was originally supposed to take place on August 25, due to the completion of the album taking longer than expected.

On August 30, ICHILLIN’ revealed their debut digital single “Got’ya”, which was released on September 8.

On November 7, ICHILLIN’ announced their second digital single “Fresh”, which was released on November 11.

2022: Bridge of Dreams, Sohee’s departure, addition of Jiyoon, “Draw (My Time)”
On April 15, they announced their first mini album Bridge of Dreams, which was released on April 27.

On July 15, KM Entertainment announced that Sohee has left the group after discussing with the company about her future, and the group would be promoting as a six-member group for the time being.

On October 25, KM Entertainment announced that former Girls Planet 999 contestant Jeong Jiyoon would be joining to the group for their upcoming comeback in November.

On October 27, ICHILLIN’ announced their third digital single “Draw (My Time)”, which would be released on November 3. However, the release was rescheduled to November 10 due to the Seoul Halloween crowd crush.

2023: “Challenger”, “Siren”, I’m On It!

On March 10, the group announced their fourth digital single titled, “Challenger”, that was released on March 23.

On May 2, the group announced they will release their previous B-side “Siren” as their fifth digital single on May 11.

On June 28, the group announced their second mini album I’m On It!, which was released on July 19.

2024: “Bite Me”, “Demigod”, Feelin’ Hot

On December 31, 2023, the group announced they will release their previous B-side “Bite Me” as their sixth digital single on January 4, 2024. It acts as the first pre-release single for their third mini album.

On January 29, a second pre-release single titled “Demigod” was announced to be released on February 5.

On February 13, the group announced that their third mini album Feelin’ Hot will be released on March 7.