On February 3, K-pop powerhouse ENHYPEN triumphantly concluded their second world tour ‘FATE’ at Philippines’ New Clark City Stadium. In this historic moment, the septet became the first K-pop act to grace the stadium, bringing a close to their highly anticipated 6-month-long world tour.

Spanning 13 cities and 21 shows, ‘FATE’ enchanted over 327,000 ENGENEs (ENHYPEN’s fans) across the globe. Notably, ENHYPEN headlined larger venues during the ‘FATE’ tour, making their momentous U.S. stadium debut at Los Angeles’ Dignity Health Sports Park as well as setting records as the K-pop boy group to host a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome in the shortest period of time since their debut.

The captivating 3-hour show at New Clark City commenced with ENHYPEN’s signature performances, including crowd favorites like “Drunk-Dazed” and “Blockbuster,” alongside hits from their earlier albums such as “Let Me In (20 CUBE)” and their latest release “Sweet Venom.” ENHYPEN also performed “CRIMINAL LOVE” and “One In A Billion.” the original soundtrack for HYBE Original Story Webtoon ‘DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR.’ Bringing the night to a close, the encore performance of “Karma” was made even more special with a dazzling display of fireworks. Especially during the Asian leg of the ‘FATE’ tour, the band delighted fans with surprise covers of popular songs.

ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) ‘Sweet Venom’ Official MV


ENHYPEN members do not have official positions except for the leader and the center.[38][39] The goal is for each member to be able to fulfill all positions at a high quality or to be well-rounded in all skills.

RankNamePosition(s)Years active
5Heeseung (희승)Center2020–present
2Jay (제이)N/A2020–present
3Jake (제이크)N/A2020–present
6Sunghoon (성훈)N/A2020–present
7Sunoo (선우)N/A2020–present
1Jungwon (정원)Leader2020–present
4NI-KI (니키)Maknae2020–present

Who Is Enhypen?

ENHYPEN (엔하이픈; also stylized as EN-) is a seven-member multinational boy group under Belift Lab. Formed through the reality show I-LAND, they debuted on November 30, 2020 with their first mini album Border : Day One.

The name of the group was described as “just like hyphens connect different words to make new meanings, the members will connect, discover each other, and grow together”.

2020: I-LAND, debut with Border : Day One
On September 18, 2020, the winners of the reality survival show I-LAND were announced as members of the upcoming boy group ENHYPEN. The group is composed of six members chosen by global viewers and one, Sunoo, chosen by the producer Bang Si Hyuk and directors Son Sung Deuk, DOOBU, Pdogg and Wonderkid.

They officially debuted on November 30, 2020.

On October 9, 2020, ENHYPEN announced their official fan club name as ENGENE which has two meanings: firstly, their fans are the “engines” that lets them grow and keep on going and secondly, the fans are the ENHYPEN’s “gene” as they both share the same DNA to connect, discover, and grow together.

At midnight on October 22, their first debut trailer titled “Choose-Chosen” was released. This was followed by a second trailer, “Dusk-Dawn” on the 25th. On October 28, a pre-order notice was posted on ENHYPEN’s Weverse, confirming the group would be releasing their first mini album, Border : Day One, on November 30.

2021: First comeback with Border : Carnival, first win, Japanese debut with “Border : 儚い” and Dimension : Dilemma. On March 25, the group announced that they were working on their comeback, scheduled to be released the next month. The video of “Intro : The Invitation” was released on April 4. Finally, their second mini album, Border : Carnival, was released on April 26. “Drunk-Dazed”, its title track, gave the group their first win on May 4 at The Show.

On May 11, it was announced that the group would make their Japanese debut with “Border : 儚い”. The Japanese single, which was released on July 6, contains the Japanese versions of “Given-Taken” and “Let Me In (20 Cube)” as well as a new Japanese song.

On August 25, Belift Lab confirmed that ENHYPEN would be making their comeback in late September with a new album. On September 2, their agency announced that Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon had tested positive for COVID-19 and would go into self-quarantine. Two days later, it was announced that NI-KI had contracted the virus as well. On September 16, Belift Lab announced the members had fully recovered and that their first studio album Dimension : Dilemma would be released in October 12.

2022: Dimension : Answer, “Always”, “Dimension : 閃光”, Manifesto : Day 1, Sunoo’s hiatus, “Make The Change”, 定め
On December 9, 2021, Belift Lab announced the repackage of the group’s first studio album titled Dimension : Answer to be released on January 10, 2022.

On February 22, ENHYPEN released their original Japanese song “Always”.

On May 3, they released their second Japanese single, “Dimension : 閃光”.

On June 3, My Daily announced ENHYPEN will be making a comeback with a new album in early July. On June 13, ENHYPEN shared a logo motion trailer, and on June 14, they unveiled a teaser for their third mini album Manifesto : Day 1, which was released on July 4.

On June 28, BELIFT LAB announced that ENHYPEN plans to go on a world tour starting in mid-September with a concert in Korea, followed by stops in Japan, the United States and more. On July 8, the first set of concerts were then released with dates set for Seoul, United States, and Japan so far.

On August 17, both Sunoo and Belift Lab announced that he would be taking a break from activities due to dizziness, a headache and chills. The group would then continue to promote as six members until his return.

On October 12, ENHYPEN released their second original Japanese song “Make The Change”.

On October 26, they released their first Japanese studio album, 定め.

2023: Dark Blood, “One and Only”, “結 -You-“, “Blossom”, Orange Blood, “Keep Swimmin’ Through”
On November 10, 2022, during the 2022 HYBE Briefing With the Community, CEO Park Ji Won announced that ENHYPEN will be releasing a new album after the end of their world tour.

On March 30, it was announced that ENHYPEN will be voice acting in the animated film, Baby Shark’s Big Movie.

On April 12, it was reported that ENHYPEN will be coming back in May and are currently preparing for their new album. Belift Lab confirmed the news on April 14. On April 24, shared a logo motion trailer for their fourth mini album Dark Blood, set to be released on May 22.

On May 31, ENHYPEN announced dates and locations for their upcoming world tour, ENHYPEN World Tour ‘Fate’.

On June 30, it was announced that ENHYPEN will release a collaboration single for Pokémon Music Collective, “One and Only”.

On July 3, ENHYPEN announced that they will release their third Japanese single, “結 -You-“, on September 5.

On August 2, ENHYPEN released their third original Japanese song “Blossom”.

On October 15, the group shared a logo motion trailer for their fifth mini album Orange Blood, set for release on November 17.

On November 2, it was announced that ENHYPEN will release a collaboration single for Baby Shark’s Big Movie, “Keep Swimmin’ Through”.

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