Japanese singer and actress Sakura Miyawaki, a member of the emerging girl group LE SSERAFIM, recently offered fans a sneak peek behind the scenes of their latest mini-album, EASY. Released on February 19, the album has garnered widespread acclaim, showcasing the group’s remarkable talent and versatility. The title track’s music video quickly soared to over 10 million views on YouTube within a mere 13 hours of its release, while the album itself achieved remarkable success with over 7,80,000 physical copies sold on its first day, as reported by Hanteo’s tracking.

Listeners have lauded the album for its eclectic mix of genres, evidencing LE SSERAFIM’s ability to transcend traditional K-pop norms and appeal to a wide range of musical tastes. However, the journey to achieving such acclaim was fraught with challenges, particularly during the recording phase. At an event hosted in the Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium in Seoul, Sakura shared insights into the demanding recording process, which was marked by an interaction with Bang Si Hyuk, the chairman of HYBE Labels and the executive producer of the album.

According to Sakura, Bang Si Hyuk preemptively apologised to the group, signalling the onset of a rigorous recording schedule. He foresaw the necessity for the group to exert additional effort and time, particularly in fine-tuning their vocal performances for the album’s tracks.

“Producer Bang Si Hyuk apologized (to us) in advance, saying that the recording this time would take a long time since the vocals needed to be good on this album,” said Sakura.

Sakura’s recounting of the experience highlights the intensity of the recording sessions, where she alongside her group members, faced the challenge of re-recording tracks and venturing into new territories, such as rap, for the first time. This rigorous process, instigated by Bang Si Hyuk’s high standards, was a testament to his belief in the group’s potential to deliver a groundbreaking album.

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