Babymonster, the new girl group under K-pop powerhouse YG Entertainment, will now promote with seven members after Ahyeon rejoined the team, the label’s founder and chief producer said late Wednesday.

“Fortunately, Ahyeon has fully recovered her health and as of today, Ahyeon is back at YG,” producer Yang Hyun-suk said in a video posted on the agency’s YouTube channel.

Babymonster was originally set to be a seven-piece act, but debuted last November with only six members — Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Rami, Rora and Chiquita — as Ahyeon faced health issues.

Yang said Babymonster’s mini album, which is planned for release on April 1, is being “re-recorded with all seven members, including Ahyeon.”

“From the mini album onwards, you can look forward to Babymonster’s activities as a perfect seven-member group,” he said.

Yang added that the group is eyeing to drop a full album “around autumn” this year, following the mini album.

On February 1, Babymonster, which currently has 4.2 million Instagram followers, is scheduled to release a single titled “Stuck in the Middle.”


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