Under the dazzling lights, the party everyone has been waiting for begins… and the efforts of the queens to find the true me hidden behind the feed begin. What I feel when I run into someone I’ve been madly longing for ‘Maybe I lost myself in an inferiority complex sometimes?’ After a splendid party, SY woke up from a long slumber and found ‘me’ who can be a real queen even if she doesn’t have to be someone’s queen.

[Verse 1: Minnie, SoyeonYuqiShuhua, *Miyeon*]
Hey, you, mwol boni?
Naega jom sexy, sexy banhaenni?
Yeah, you, mwo hani?
Neodo nae kiss, kiss wonhani?
Wol hwa su mok geum to il mimoga swijireul anne
Meoributeo balkkeutkkaji nunbusyeo bichi nane
Oh, jeogi eonniyadeul nae fashioneul ttara hane
*areumdaun yeojaui haruneun da areumdamne*

[Pre-Chorus: Miyeon, MinnieSoyeon]
I partye junbidoen birthday cake
Taeeonaseo gamsahae, every day
I don’t need them
Geurae naega bwado nan
 (Three, two)

[Chorus: Soyeon, YuqiShuhua]
Queencard, I’m hot
My boob and booty is hot
Spotlight nal bwa
I’m a star, star, star
Queencard, I’m the top
I’m twerkin’ on the runway

I am a queencard
You wanna be the queencard?