Born from the audition program “Boys Planet,” their debut album became the best-selling group in history. We asked the nine members of “ZB1” about their fans, the members’ bonds, and their aspirations for the future.

The 5th generation K-pop boy group ZEROBASEONE (ZEROBASEONE, ZB1 [(Zebewan)] has rapidly grown from a promising boy group candidate to a full-fledged idol.Currently, they are currently working on their second mini-album “MELTING” which was released in November. They are currently putting all their efforts into promoting “POINT,” but to understand their rapid growth, it is necessary to go back to their origins.

Last fall, Jang Hao, Kim Tae-le, Song Han-bin, Seok Matthew, Ricky, Park Gun-wook, Kim Gyu-bin, Kim Ji-eun, and Han Yu-jin received news that would change their lives. He was able to participate in the audition program “Boys Planet” on the Korean music channel Mnet.

In the program, over 90 idol candidates compete to debut as members of a boy group.

It was a series of tough battles every week, but the nine people did not give up. The group, which attracted the expectations of fans around the world with their artistic talent, received nearly 9.4 million votes in the final episode aired in April of this year, and was crowned the winner of “Boys Planet.”

Members from Korea, China, and Canada released their first mini-album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” in July of this year. Among the six songs included, the title song “In Bloom” refers to the fleeting splendor of youth. After the pre-chorus, “Nothing lasts forever,” he sings encouragingly, “Still, you can change your own destiny.”

It is an attractive entry into the world of K-Pop, and its cumulative sales to date are approximately 2 million copies, the highest ever for a K-Pop debut album. ZB1, who has become a “monster rookie,” is living a busy life typical of a K-pop idol.

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