HYBE and Pledis Entertainment’s new K-pop boy band TWS (pronounced ‘Two-Us’) signed up with UMG/Geffen Records for distribution and marketing of their music in the US. 

Meanwhile, TWS signed up with UMJ/Virgin Music for distribution and marketing in Japan.

The announcement came following the release of their debut mini album “Sparkling Blue,”which came out on Jan. 22 and sold over 260,000 units within the first week of release.

Consisting of six members – Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, and Kyungmin – TWS earned the nickname “the rookie of 2024” in the K-pop scene before their debut. 

Confirming the anticipated excitement, their TikTok content amassed over 100 million cumulative views in less than two weeks after their debut, a month after their very first post.  

Also captivating the global audience beyond music, TWS will deliver a performance as the main artist during “The 38th Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2024 Spring/Summer,” an esteemed semi-annual fashion event in Japan. 

The name “TWS” is an abbreviation of “Twenty Four Seven With Us,” bringing forward the expression “24/7” to symbolize their unwavering commitment to being with listeners around the clock. 

As the first boy group to make their debut with Pledis Entertainment in nine years since the record-breaking K-pop icon Seventeen, TWS’ debut album was produced by Pledis’ master professional Sung Soo Han. 

TWS (투어스) ‘첫 만남은 계획대로 되지 않아’ Official MV

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