Marking two decades in the dynamic landscape of K-pop, the acclaimed duo, TVXQ!, celebrated their 20th anniversary with the launch of their ninth studio album, ’20&2′. The album, released on December 26, 2023, is a testament to their pledge to defy creative stagnation and continue evolving musically.

‘Rebel’- the Defiant Anthem of TVXQ!

The album’s leading track, ‘Rebel’, is an energetic dance number with a profound message. It propagates that true rebellion means advancing one’s beliefs steadfastly, rather than opposing established norms for opposition’s sake. Max Changmin, one half of TVXQ!, iterated during a press conference in Seoul that the song serves as a call to action for them to progress without becoming complacent.

TVXQ!’s Musical Journey and Evolution

’20&2′ features a diverse range of tracks, indicating the direction of the group’s current and future music. The tracks include ‘Down’, ‘Rodeo’, ‘Jungle’, individual member solo tracks, and ‘Promise’, a tribute to their fans with Changmin as a co-writer. TVXQ!’s journey commenced on December 26, 2003, as a five-member boy group. After gaining widespread acclaim in South Korea, Japan, and across Asia, the group transformed into a duo in 2010.

A Testament to Enduring Passion and Sincerity

TVXQ! attributes their longevity to a sincere and passionate approach to music and performance. They have consistently committed to meticulous preparation and an enduring passion for their craft. Both U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin emphasized the importance of focusing on the present and continuing to push forward in their careers.

TVXQ! 동방신기 ‘Rebel’ MV

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