In a surprising move, SHINee’s Onew made a long-awaited return to Instagram on December 15, marking his first post in nearly half a year. The K-pop sensation, who last updated his account approximately six months ago, took to the platform to express gratitude to fans for their heartfelt birthday wishes.

Heartfelt Thanks for Birthday Wishes

On December 14, Onew celebrated his 34th birthday, receiving an outpouring of affectionate birthday wishes from dedicated fans worldwide. In his Instagram update, the kpop sensition conveyed his appreciation, saying, “I received so many well wishes on my birthday this year. Really, thank you so much. I’m so happy. Thank you. Thank you so so so so so so much. You all deserve good fortune.”

Onew’s return to social media comes after a hiatus from promotions in June, citing health concerns. At that time, the idol reassured fans about the necessity of the break, stating that he needed “a moment to catch his breath” and promising a swift return to good health. The recent Instagram update serves as a positive sign that Onew is on the road to recovery.


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