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As the sporting season draws near, a fashion craze that combines athletic jerseys with casual attire such as jeans or skirts is the latest trend.

The “blokecore-look,” a fashion movement that turns sports uniforms into a daily fashion statement, mixes “bloke,” British slang for a regular man, with “normcore,” a trend characterized by simple and effortless style.

The term was popularized after a video by British TikToker Brandon Huntley on December 26, 2022, showcased this fashion on the streets of Britain.

With Generation Z’s endorsement, including famous female K-pop idols, blokecore has an oversized, more toned-down aesthetic than past athletic styles.

Sports kits were featured by NewJeans in the MV for their debut track “Attention” and similarly by BLACKPINK’s Jennie in the “Pink Venom” MV.

Data from Korean fashion retailer Musinsa shows a 16-fold increase in transactions of sports uniforms from January 15th to February 13th when compared with the previous month.

Sales for new season sports kits continue to increase.

Soccer is the most sought-after sport, with a 150% increase in searches for soccer uniforms on Musinsa.

Domestic professional soccer teams, like the 2024 K League 1, are particularly popular

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