South Korea’s Walkerhill Hotel and Resort (hereinafter referred to as Walkerhill) announced on the 11th that it will release a “K-POP tour program” with “NCT DREAM” from the 16th of this month to January 31st of next year.

This program will be held at the “Space Walker Hill” in the lobby on the first floor of Vista Walker Hill Seoul, the “Theater of Light”, a cultural and artistic complex, and the guest rooms of Vista Walker Hill. This collaboration will not only include accommodation in guest rooms with motifs of NCT DREAM’s dreams and love for fans, but also media art that will allow you to feel the artist’s passion for dreams and music.

First, in the studio suites and deluxe rooms of Vista Walkerhill Seoul, a concept room called “Dream House” will be created, which combines the dreams of NCT DREAM and the love of fans. The entire room is equipped with scent diffusers and bath salts suggested by the members, and small items such as polaroid cameras, beam projectors, humidifiers, body pillows, etc. are installed throughout the room based on the members’ ideas

Space Walker Hill, located in the 1st floor lobby of Vista Walker Hill Seoul, has a special experience exhibition space for “NCT DREAM” called “NCT DREAM Showroom”, “Message Zone” where you can leave a message, “ISTJ STAGE” where you can enjoy interesting quizzes, etc. It consists of
A special screening of NCT DREAM’s media art “THEATER OF DREAMS” will be held at the Theater of Light, a cultural and art complex space. The shining moments of “NCT DREAM,” who have shone on the stage as representative artists of the Republic of Korea, will be shown as an immersive art exhibition.

Jang Jin-oh, Sales and Marketing Director of Walkerhill Hotel and Resort, said, “We are working hard to create a new K-POP content format that fully utilizes Walkerhill’s unique charm and goes beyond simple collaborations to deliver unique experiences and excitement. “It will be a special experience not only for fans but also for tourists who love K-content.”

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