Being a K-Pop idol means slipping on changing aesthetics the way some of us change socks. “Every time we prepare for a new album or do a photo shoot, we take on new and different styles, which feel amazing every time,” HONG EUNCHAE, the youngest member of the new “it” girl group LE SSERAFIM, explains. 

LE SSERAFIM may technically be a rookie girl group, but they hit the music landscape with the velocity of a meteorite. The five multi-talented artists—KIM CHAEWON, SAKURA, HUH YUNJIN, KAZUHA, and HONG EUNCHAE—are the first girl group to come out of HYBE (the same company that BTS calls home). Their second mini album, ‘ANTIFRAGILE,’ debuted at number 14 on the Billboard 200 chart — making LE SSERAFIM the fastest female K-Pop group to reach that milestone — and entered Spotify Daily’s Top Songs chart in 24 different countries during the first week of its release. Their music videos for FEARLESS and ANTIFRAGILE racked up a combined 277 million (and counting) views on YouTube. 

Their debut aesthetic was clearly, domination.  And the cherry on the ice cream sundae of their career: a million-selling album. It’s an achievement that some artists only dream of, and LE SSERAFIM hit it in March with their album ‘ANTIFRAGILE.’

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