Talking exclusively with us, the K-pop boy group collectively shared their thoughts about having completed 3 years debut. Read the full quote below.

KINGDOM, a K-pop boy group with seven members began its journey on February 18, 2021. A royal concept bringing together cultures from different world to present the story of Kingdoms and with the members acting as Kings themselves, their ideology has been deeply rooted in a flurry of monarchial beliefs and grandiose stories of victories. Now, marking the completion of their 3rd year in the industry the skilled boy group KINDGOM’s members shared their thoughts with us.

KINGDOM about 3rd debut anniversary

Sharing a collective statement stemming from the members themselves, the group said, “It’s 3rd anniversary with our beloved Kingmakers. First of all, we would like to say thank you to our Kingmakers. We have gone through many things in 3 years, and everything was possible because we had Kingmakers by our side”, crediting their fans for their rise in fame and continued growth in the K-pop music industry.


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