Nowadays, female K-pop idol fashion is becoming more daring, with artists not afraid of showing more skin. Is this BLACKPINK Jennie’s influence? Keep on reading for more information.

Female K-Pop Idol Fashion Leans Towards Exposure

Earlier this week, LE SSERAFIM member Huh Yunjin became the center of attention for her underwear-exposing fashion during the group’s comeback showcase for “EASY.” At the time, the idol received mixed reviews, with some loving her look and others thinking it was excessive.

Previously, Huh Yunjin also caused a stir for the group’s “EASY” teaser trailer, where she rocked the “no pants” trend. The idol wore a bikini bottom with a large coat, walking confidently. Her bold fashion drew mixed reactions. Some believe she was a trendsetter, while others think she exposed too much.


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