As the new year unfurls, the spotlight turns to the music maestros who’ve dominated the airwaves. Leading the chart revelations is none other than Jimin, whose solo debut in March 2023 catapulted him to global stardom. With awe-inspiring achievements across significant music charts, he’s claimed his throne as a record-setting Korean solo artist, making headlines worldwide. Jimin’s impressive stride tops several year-end performance analyses, with a notable mention of his prominence on Melon, South Korea’s premier music streaming platform.

On Melon, Jimin’s album emerged as the most streamed album by a K-pop solo artist in 2023, amassing an impressive 254.5 million streams, a significant feat considering it’s an EP. This places ‘FACE’ as the 5th most streamed album of the year and the song ‘Like Crazy’ as the 9th most streamed song in 2023 on Melon, underscoring the widespread acclaim and love it received from the Korean public.

지민 (Jimin) ‘Closer Than This’ Official MV

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