With platinum blonde hair look IU shows a freshly new style in the concept photos she has released for her forth coming 6th mini album due to drop on February 20 KST, which also features her pre-release single “Love Wins All“.

On January 6, 2020 she and her entire team of staff members moved from Kakao M to EDAM Entertainment, a subsidiary of Kakao M, which was established by her manager of 12 years.

Over your time as a Kpop star she has gained a huge number of product and services endorsements. Here are most of them

IU ‘Love wins all’ MV


On June 8, 2023, Domino’s Pizza announced that they have signed an exclusive model contract with IU.[57]

My Chew (2010)
Shu Uemura (2010)
Mayijju (2010)
SK Telecom (2010)
Unionbay (2011–2015)
4G LTE (2011)
Samsung Galaxy S (2011)
T-Store (2011)
Mexicana Chicken (2011-2014)
Home Plus (2011)
S-Oil (2011)
Samsung Galaxy S2 (2011)
SKT 4G LTE HD (2011)
Bulgaris (2011)
Le Coq Sportif Summer Collection (2011)
G by GUESS (2012)
The Saem Cosmetic (2012)
Nongshim’s Hooroorook Noodles! (2012)
Lemona (2012-2013)
SK Telecom 11st (2013)
Suddent Attack (2013)
Nexon Dungeon & Fighter Knight (2014)
QDSUH (2014)
Sony MDR (2014)
SBENU (2014-2015)
Hite Jinro Chamisol Soju (2014)
ISOI (2015)Hyundai HCN (2016)
Dewdrops (2016)
Cable TV (2017)
My Home (Kakao Game) (2017)
Kyung Dong Pharmaceutical (2017)
Gnal-N (2017)
Exorcist (Kakao Game) (2017)
Sony Korea (2017)
Maxim Coffee (2017)
Nature Collection (2018)
CNP Cosmetics (2018)
New Balance (2018)
Lotte Mongshell (2018)
Samsung Card (2018)
Ghana Chocolate (2018)
Jeju Samdasoo (2020–present)
New Balance (2021)Gucci (2022)
Domino’s Pizza (2023)

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