Manager Shin Sung-jeong, the HYBE T&D General Manager Shin Sung-jeong, explains “If an artist is a tree, the trainee period is the root. I think T&D’s role is to create good roots.” Included are Members of BTS, TOMORROW (TXT) – Nurturing artists who can make their own decisions and practice through systematic education and customised curriculum from music to personality development.

T&D (Training & Development), known as the cornerstone of the K-POP production system, provides all the training solutions necessary for trainees to grow as artists. HYBE T&D, which is the place to manage the selection and overall education of trainees who belong to HYBE LABELS, and which has cultivated BTS and other world-class K-POP artists, has finally taken off its veil and is now available worldwide. is attracting attention from the pop music world.

This video features HYBE LABELS artists who made their debut through HYBE T&D’s unique training process, such as BTS, TOMORROW Many people are appearing. The people in charge reveal the management methods and direction of T&D, as well as their experiences with trainees, in a frank interview format.

◼ Sorting and polishing trainees’ rough stones into diamonds…Providing a variety of custom-made educational programs

 ◼Character education, internalizing autonomy and responsibility… Developing artists who can make their own decisions

◼ Start by forming relationships with your peers…Communicate with the utmost care and understand their psychological state.

Trainees are like unprocessed stones. HYBE T&D is also a place where these rough stones are sorted, polished, and transformed into jewel-like artists. We run a variety of programs to help you discover your hidden talents and help them reach their full potential. My life as a trainee begins with listening to a variety of music and expressing my feelings. In the educational program “Show Down,” students gain stage experience through songwriting and dance battles, and also learn about melody line and beat structure, as well as lectures on music genres such as rock, hip-hop, and R&B, and opportunities to meet producers. Students will go through the process of increasing their understanding of music through conversations and other activities. TAEHYUN, a member of TOMORROW “They’ve done a lot for me,” he says of the positive changes.

It is also worth noting that we create and manage a custom-made curriculum for each trainee. We carefully analyze the trainees’ level and tendencies, and based on this, we further develop their individual strengths in areas such as vocals, dance, and songwriting/composition, while also working to compensate for their weaknesses.

A representative from T&D said, “Since BTS’s Jimin studied dance, he had developed the habit of dancing in a supple manner, but in order to correct this, he was given a mission to give power to dance, and in the next month’s evaluation, “ENHYPEN’s SUNGHOON was also a figure skater and had a body suitable for sports, but (with the same mission) he has created a body suitable for dancing.” SOOBIN of TOMORROW

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