In rankings released by Forbes Korea, these 10 artists are expected to shine best in 2024 with their impressive skills, talents and performances!

On December 28, Forbes Korea, in partnership with Idol Champ unveiled its rankings of “best stars who are predicted to shine throughout the year in 2024.”

The categories are divided into two; idol groups and individual artists. The voting then ran from November 30 to December 4, participated by various fandoms around the world.

5 Idol Groups Expected to Shine in 2024: nSSign, ZEROBASEONE, PLAVE, More!

In the idol groups categories, both male and female teams were nominated but after the voting, boy groups dominated.


Among them, n.SSign, a 10-member multinational K-pop group was crowned as first place with 11,990 votes (45.77% ).

In particular, the group was formed through Channel A x Abema TV’s audition program, “Stars Awakening.” They debuted in August under n.CH Entertainment and have since then gained popularity both at home and abroad.

Due to active promotion through a solo concert prior to their debut as well as the fame contributed by member Kazuta, they became widely known in Japan and Korea.

In fact, its debut album, “BIRTH OF COSMO,” sold more than 200k copies, a significantly high achievement for a rookie launched by a small/medium-sized company.


ZEROBASEONE, who amassed 8,315 votes (31.74%) trailed behind them as 2nd place. With the team debuting through another survival show, “Boys Planet,” they garnered a massive fandom even ahead of their official debut.

In just about 4 months since its debut, ZB1 was able to become a double million seller with two consecutive albums, “Youth in the Shade” and “Melting Point.”

After them, PLAVE, a K-pop virtual group was ranked in third place with 2,841 votes. This year, they are continuously rising with their bop releases thanks to “all-rounder” members powered by talented and skillful people behind them.

TNX, a boy group under P NATION and EVNNE, a spin-off group of “Boys Planet” after ZEROBASONE then completed the top five, respectively.

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Original Source: Forbes Korea

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