An audition for new girl member candidates will be held by the famous K-POP producer “Park Seon-ho” who has nurtured many super popular artists such as NewJeans’ “Lee Hae-in” and iKON’s “CHAN”! Strengthening relations for expansion into Japan and South Korea

After working as the first generation idol “Goofy”, he became a producer.

Nurturing many super popular artists such as New Jeans “Lee Hae In”, iKON “CHAN”, Produce 101 “Kim Seo Kyung”, BABYMONSTER

Here is the message from the producer:

Hello to everyone who dreams of becoming a Japanese KPOP idol
My name is Producer Park Sung Ho
This time we will be using the showroom, a platform that is familiar to you all. We will be holding an audition event titled Chasing Global Stardom, and as the representative producer of this project, I will do my best to find and develop talented Japanese members. /span>Thank youSee you soon I look forward to the day when I can do it
I hope you all apply as much as possible and try your best to seize the opportunity to become a KPOP idol, which is your dream

Click here to see Producer – Park Sung Ho – Profile

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