Since debuting in 2012, American K-Pop artist Chad Future has continued to experiment and blur the boundaries of K-Pop. Blending a colorful palette of different styles, cultures, and inspirations effortlessly into a sound uniquely reflecting his own style.

“Like That” marks his latest comeback, a silky R&B song with elements of vibrant hip-hop, and melodic Y2K pop hooks. Co-written by Multi-Platinum K-Pop hitmaker SQVARE, who has penned over 200 #1 songs worldwide, including chart topping songs for NCT, EXO, TWICE, Enhypen, and many more.  

Seamlessly Incorporating both Korean and English lyrics across a bouncing energetic trap beat, the result is a song that’s refreshing and surprisingly feel good.

Who Is Chad Future?

Detroit born recording artist Chad Future is a chart-topping singer, rapper, and music producer, with an impressive career spanning multiple genres and over 600 Million views. Best known for his music in the ever-changing K-Pop industry, Chad has received recognition globally for his song and video collaborations together with some of Korea’s biggest idols.

A self-taught musician who got his start at a young age writing his own lyrics and recording in his bedroom, inspired by the Motor City’s rich cultural heritage and growing up surrounded by the sounds of Motown Soul, Detroit Techno, and witnessing the explosion of local artists like Eminem during the early 2000s, Chad felt a powerful creative spark that fueled his pursuit of the arts and entertainment.

Chad Future officially debuted as an American K-Pop solo artist with his bilingual single “Hello”, featuring both Korean and English languages. He quickly amassed a large following by posting his English remixes of popular K-Pop songs, as well as collaborating with popular Korean artists and producers on his original music.

He has released several albums which have appeared on the Apple Music and Spotify music charts, which are widely regarded as the first American K-Pop crossover projects, featuring Korean rapper RAVI of the group VIXX, Aron of NU’EST, HA SUNG WOON, DEAN, and many more.

chad future – LIKE THAT

By Kpoppie Team